Design practise in context 2, Ken Garland poem.

After studying existing icon books both old fashioned and contemporary I become rather bored within the process. Although text was always accompanied with playful imagery the text wasn’t always exciting to read.
Which is why I have decided to present he information I want to educate readers with in the form of a poem. Using rhythm within my writing I think will add a quirky twist to my icon book and entice the audience to read on. This is the poem I have written about the the life and works of Ken Garland.

In 1929 was born a graphic designer who goes by the name of Ken.

It was London’s Central School of Arts that taught him how to use a pen.


From hard work and dedication Design magazine hired him as editor in 1956.

Taking charge of designing, printing and advertising, his responsibilities were a great mix.

But this career was not enough for young ken.

A mutual feeling amongst colleague Edward Newmark, they both were very eager men.

They both started to contribute big ideas to the successful company Galt Toys.

Have you ever wondered who designed the game Connect?
Well stop right there because these are your boys!


Working hard within the world of graphic design, photography, conferencing and publishing writing.

Ken decided to set up his own business in 1962 called ‘Ken Garland & Associates’ the prospect was exciting.


It wasn’t until 1963 that Ken decided to voice his ideas and strong opinions.

Believing Design is not a neutral, value-free process, Ken wrote First things first manifesto hoping to open the eyes of millions.


He said the greatest efforts of advertisers are wasted on trivial purposes such as selling cat food.

A common view among graphic designers, so common in 2000 it was renewed. 


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