DocMarten look-book Stop motion.

This is a Stop motion video to show the look book I created for my taxonomy project.


Professional practise, Designing inside pages.

One of the criticisms of my booklet I received on my feedback form was the lack of design on the inner pages. Because of this I have took the time to add a more complex design to them. I have used these pages to tell the audience what you can do with the booklet “style over 30 outfits” as my booklet ¬†is to show how diverse the DrMarten boot is. I have also included parts of my mood boards that I had created earlier on in this project as they will educate the audience bait about the ¬†history of the iconic boot. The inner pages still carry on the post modern aesthic I have used with my front and back cover.


Professional practise, Final Designs.

After recent feedback I received from my tutor I decided to spend more time considering the final design of my booklet. My first final design I chosen was simplistic but after further research into publishing and the brand I’m working with I decided to take a more post-modern approach. I am very pleased with the improvement of my designs, I think know I have done some further research my designs are more informed and suitable.


Professional practise, Post modern back covers.



These are some of the designs I have created inspired by post modern design. Mainly David Carson. As you can see the back cover features the taxonomy of 30 images of different styles of DcMartens I collected and also some of my own illustrations.

Professional practise, Inspiration.

One of my main inspirations for my designs come from graphic designer David Carson who is renown for his punk design. He layers images on text, creates texture with image and also experiments with transparency. His publishing designs always involve a lot of colour maing his work very eye catching to the consumer.


Heres some of my designs that have been influenced by his work.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.01.11 Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.01.28 Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.38.42 Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 13.01.20