Make Art Not War

This stop motion video was the final outcome of a 2016 D&AD typography brief. I used type to send a message “MAKE ART NOT WAR”.






Meet my new team!

Since I moved home from Amsterdam I have started a new internship at Catherine Price LTD and CLP designs. The studio is based in Liverpool.
Unfortunately the design work I do here is top secret so I cant share it on my blog.

Here I am on their website….



Week 6, my final week at The Student Hotel.

Unfortunately due to personal reasons I had to cut my internship at The Student Hotel. I enjoyed my time here so much and I was extremely sad to leave. Working along side Chris (the head designer) has taught me so many new skills and gave me so much more confidence. Although I was only here 6 weeks the fast working pace allowed me to explore so many different aspects of graphic design. I got to work on the Facebook page, leaflets, posters, special offers, events, the website and a new brand identity.

My last week at work I spent my time working on drawing up layouts of the rooms of the new exciting building. The layouts I produced are to featured on the new website of the ‘The Bazaar” building. This is a new project The Student Hotel have been working on. The Baazar is a place where ┬ásmall businesses, partys etc can come to work, relax, host presentations. As an intern I have been very lucky to see this new concept and build come to life! This is one of my floor plans at its early stages.


Week 5, the student hotel.

Here’s some examples of online web banners i designed this week for the sales. Also this week I worked mainly in illustrator designing room layouts for the new exciting building we are opening in April.