Mexx… The end of an era.

You may have already read in the news that last week Mexx declared bankruptcy. This meant that everybody employed by them have lost their jobs. I was shocked to be told the news and extremely worried about what Im going to do next?!

This worry lasted under 24 hours as I then received a lovely email offering me a internship working along side the head graphic designer at The Student Hotel also based in Amsterdam. Im extremely excited to start my new job, Ill be working on aspects of graphic design such as web design, magazine layouts and advertising. Its going to be a bold change from Mexx but after my 6 months experience at Mexx I am ready for a change from the fashion industry.


Mexx, week 21

After last week’s briefing of the new concepts for next season (spring/summer 2016) I have been very busy this week with research. I have spent most of the week browsing a wide range of websites looking for inspiration for styles, shapes, materials, design, pattern… absolutely everything!

Also I have helped designers change the colour ways of artworks after they have come back from proto meetings. In these meetings designers discuss what colour options work and don’t work. Therefore I had to change and delete any unnecessary options on illustrator files.

Heres a few imgages I collected…
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Mexx, week 20.

I can’t believe I’ve been at Mexx for 5 months, it seems like 5 minutes!
Last week I was very busy with all sorts of different tasks. I attended a few different meetings throughout the week. First a line meeting which went over sales figures, it was interesting to see what sells and what doesn’t. Esther the head designer kindly arranged a meeting with me to go over the themes for spring summer 2016. From this she asked me to help help her with some further research. I’m excited to start working with these these themes, I like them a lot!
As I have now been at Mexx for 5 months I had a meeting with the head of the floor for a quick catch up as to how I’m getting on.
Also this week I helped designers sketch clothes in illustrator. I’m confident doing this now and because designers can see this they gave me more creative freedom. I know I only got to design the pockets of a pant style but I was pleased they trusted me to do so!

Mexx, week 19.

Last week at Mexx at the Start of the week, I attended the proto meetings for the Youth Fall 15 ranges. The meetings lasted all day and literally run through all the pro-types of the designs that have been sent back to suppliers. All the department sat around a big table and discussed the prototypes, commenting on the design, quality, material, colour etc. Within these meetings everyone decides what changes need to be made for the garment to sell when it hits the high street. I enjoyed sitting in the meetings as it was good to hear a range of opinions and gave me a deeper insight into the process of the fashion industry.

Also this week I helped with adjusting colour swatches of designs in Illustrator. Towards the end of the week I started to experiment designing photo prints for t-shirts with paints. I haven’t got any photos from this week as I’ve broken my phone :(

The Student Hotel: Behance portfolio review.

Yesterday (8th November 2014) I attended an event at The student hotel in Amsterdam names the Behance portfolio review. This was a chance for designers to meet other creative talents, exchange contacts and find job opportunities. At the review you could share your work and experiences among creatives with the help of experts and the presence of important companies. I found this event extremely helpful, it got me thinking about how I need to be presenting myself through networking sights to benefit my future and projects.
I met so many interesting people and received so much good advice. I found speaking to other creatives studying Graphic design like myself but within different countries extremely interesting. It made me realise that where you come from doesn’t necessarily matter, obviously it will have some sort of input to your work but designers are all unique.

The best advice and questions I took away from this event was…
“What makes you special? find a way to define yourself?”
“Do what you do best and concentrate on that.”
“Always be productive”
“Show people what you can do, so they approach you to do that for them.”

My favourite words of advice…
“Don’t think to much, just do!!!!”

Im going to keep my eyes peeled for future events similar to this as it was inspiring, motivating and supportive.