My Core Values.

Thinking about this quote from Simon Mainwaring “If a brand genuinely wants to make a social contribution, it should start with who they are, not what they do. For only when a brand has defined itself and its core values can it identify causes or social responsibility initiatives that are in alignment with its authentic brand story.” I posted I started to think of this idea of “social contribution”. I dont want my vintage shop to be like any other. I want people to visit my store not just for a new outfit but for a experince. I want to create a place that allows people to socialise and unwind from a stressful week at work. So I started to think about what I do to de-stress cause I still want the shop to portray me and my personality. I summed it down to three things… Art, Coffee and clothes!!!

With these three ideas I created some moodboards in In-design. These are just made up of images I like and can take inspiration from when creating my shop. They all share a vintage theme. I want to combine all these three ideas into my own brand as I think it would be a place people of all ages will really enjoy to visit.



art studio moodboard SHOP MOOD BOARD


Vintage fashion love

Why do I love fashion so much? Other people love sport, gardeing and food. What is it about vintage fashion that I love so much?
To me vintage clothing is a form of self expression, history and individulity. Fashion enables me to portray my quirky personality to the world without a single word. I enjoy being different and not conforming for the media. I dont aspire to be like anyone else but myself.
As well as using fashion to express myself I also use it as therapy. Whenever im stressed or have has a bad day I find myself in my closet vintage shop browings through rails and rails of endless clothing. Even if I dont buy anything, I still feel a sense of relaxsation leaving the store. On a blog post I have recently read about this subject a lady named Alexandra said “Fashion is an art and a form of self expression for the ones who create it. But it is also a form of self expression for the ones who wear” – See more at:

I completely agree. Maybe thats why I love fashion so much as its so closely linked with my other greatest love in life… Design.

The Brief

During my graphic design internship with Mexx I find myself with a fair amount of free time which is why I have decided to set myself my own brief. As branding is huge aspect of the graphic design insustry I thought as a trainee practioner it would be beneifit me to start exploring the world of branding in greater depth. Im keen to learn and eager to get stuck into a brief im passionate about.

One of my main interests in life is fashion which is why I have chosen to work in the fashion industry for my placement year. In the future I hope to work in a place where I can combine my love for fashion and graphic design. I particually love vintage fashion, I spend my weekends routing through endless chairty shops and vintage markets serching for unique clothing.

To enable me to gain further knowledge of branding, I have decided to create my own Vintage shop/label. I spend half my life in them so why not open my own!