Competition brief, Me and my print!

Competition brief, Me and my print!

Here I have put my designed print onto a real life product. A canvas shopper is a product that Cath Kidston sells.


Competition brief, Step and Repeat.

Competition brief, Step and Repeat.


Competition brief, Primary research.

Yesterday it was in Newcastle City centre and visited the Cath kidston store. I was able to see and touch her products and visualise if my pattern would be appropriate for the products she sells. I think the colour palette I have used will fit right in!






Competition Brief, Step and repeat and colour experiments.

In illustrator following the steps I had been taught watching online tutorials I done some experimentation with my pattern. Also I tested my pattern with a range of different background colours.


I much prefer the simplified version of my print as when its stepped and repeated its not as overpowering.


Competition Brief, Step and repeat in Illustrator.


Competition Brief, Improving my pattern.

Competition Brief, Improving my pattern.

After tracing around the outline of woman from war posters. I scanned the outline into photoshop and combined it with my artwork. I made sure the lips stayed a bold vibrant shade of red because I feel the red lipstick is what kept the woman look feminine during their masucline jobs during world war 2. Now I have the basics finished and can now start looking at different colour ranges and step and repeat patterns. I’m so glad I have gone back and improved my print as I think it will strengthen my project.