Week 6, my final week at The Student Hotel.

Unfortunately due to personal reasons I had to cut my internship at The Student Hotel. I enjoyed my time here so much and I was extremely sad to leave. Working along side Chris (the head designer) has taught me so many new skills and gave me so much more confidence. Although I was only here 6 weeks the fast working pace allowed me to explore so many different aspects of graphic design. I got to work on the Facebook page, leaflets, posters, special offers, events, the website and a new brand identity.

My last week at work I spent my time working on drawing up layouts of the rooms of the new exciting building. The layouts I produced are to featured on the new website of the ‘The Bazaar” building. This is a new project The Student Hotel have been working on. The Baazar is a place where  small businesses, partys etc can come to work, relax, host presentations. As an intern I have been very lucky to see this new concept and build come to life! This is one of my floor plans at its early stages.


Week 2 at The Student Hotel.

After an exciting first week starting my new job I was so excited to go to work Monday morning. On monday I travelled to The Student hotel located in The Hague. It was really nice to see another part of The Neverland’s and also to see a different hotel destination. Me and my work colleague George travelled around The Hague all day promoting The Student Hotel to different universities around the area with newly designed posters. I was very impressed with Dutch universities the complexes were huge!
Tuesday I was back in the office finishing my coffee coupon designs. Chris my manager was able to teach me many new skills using adobe illustrator whilst doing so. He taught me how to work properly using layers and text composition techniques. In the evening The Student Hotel christmas party was held in one of the new locations, we got a tour of the new build, 3 course meal and lots of champagne!
Wednesday morning I started to design complimentary soap bar packaging to accompany the shampoo and conditioner bottles in each bathroom of the hotels. It was important I used the same theme. After lunch we all traveled to the new build to give tours to guests we had invited along to introduce the new hotel. This was a great networking opportunity for me!
This was the end of my week at week, as Thursday morning I flew back to England to spend christmas with Family and Friends.
Happy Christmas all!





Starting my new internship at The Student Hotel…

Last Wednesday morning (10th December) I was extremely excited to start my new placement. I got to work around 9:30am. Windswept and shivering from riding my bike I entered the doors of The Student Hotel thinking to myself this is the start of the next chapter of my life.
I received an extremely warm welcome from all the team in the office and went through my contract signing the next 5 months of my life away. My first task was given to me that afternoon, I was asked to research shampoo and conditioner bottles as I was going to be designing them. They were needed to be put in every hotel room so it was important I made the correct colour scheme and composition of text. I continued to work on this project for the rest of the week in between other tasks. I made sure I was constantly discussing ideas with my manager and asking for feedback.

Other tasks I worked on this week was making Id cards for the staff in photoshop, brainstormed ideas for the Ski party hosted at the hotel in january and also designing coffee coupons to be given out to encourage people to use the onsite restaurant ‘The Kitchen’. I also had a meeting with my manager to discuss up and coming projects in the new year! I really felt welcome and apart of the team by Friday, Im so happy to be given this opportunity.





Mexx… The end of an era.

You may have already read in the news that last week Mexx declared bankruptcy. This meant that everybody employed by them have lost their jobs. I was shocked to be told the news and extremely worried about what Im going to do next?!

This worry lasted under 24 hours as I then received a lovely email offering me a internship working along side the head graphic designer at The Student Hotel also based in Amsterdam. Im extremely excited to start my new job, Ill be working on aspects of graphic design such as web design, magazine layouts and advertising. Its going to be a bold change from Mexx but after my 6 months experience at Mexx I am ready for a change from the fashion industry.

Mexx, week 21

After last week’s briefing of the new concepts for next season (spring/summer 2016) I have been very busy this week with research. I have spent most of the week browsing a wide range of websites looking for inspiration for styles, shapes, materials, design, pattern… absolutely everything!

Also I have helped designers change the colour ways of artworks after they have come back from proto meetings. In these meetings designers discuss what colour options work and don’t work. Therefore I had to change and delete any unnecessary options on illustrator files.

Heres a few imgages I collected…
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