Flower Mandala


Created using Adobe Illustrator.


Professional practise, Illustration.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 15.10.28

This is the first character I have drawn. I drawn the illustration using a pencil then I scanned it into Photoshop and used the pen and fill tool to create the bold black line. I wanted to use simple line shapes for each character as I like the aesthetic appeal but also because I didn’t want to draw attention away from the message of the booklet. The unrefined line drawing relates back to post-modern design as its free and follows no rules. Now I need to create the other 11 bodies to illustrate a walking motion.

Thinking and practise, My typography sketches.











This weeks workshop on typographic forms involved looking at the rhythm of the shape of the letter, working with the rhythm of the shape aloud the letter to form their own unique shape. I firstly worked with a pencil following the process of locking the wrist and repeating the shape with 50 single lines. This was a fast process which helped me explore the shape in greater depth. I loved working like this as it produced letter forms that I wouldn’t necessary created using a computer. It encouraged me to work in a relaxed and calm way. After drawing a few shapes using pencil on A2 paper I then moved on to create random shapes using a thick graphite pencil on a lager scale.



Thinking and practise, Coding 3.


This is the code I worked with last week too add a pixelated effect to my image. Using this code this week I started to add more adjustments to the original image.

void draw(){
for(int lop=0;lop<80;lop++){
color x=face.pixels[int(random(face.width*face.height))];       =size
stroke(red(x),green(x),blue(x),40);                                               =colour
rect(random(face.width),random(face.height),10,10);              =Adds noisy palette effect.
= Rendering of image.

To render image…


As long as we keep track of where image was from me can map it to correct location. You can see how the image has changed from the square pixelated effect to this sharper effect.


Now the image is becoming more clear. To add a stylistic quality we then needed to add a variable brush stroke size…

‘float’ variables instead of impos because they weren’t whole numbers we was working with.


Moving the position of the boxes…



Adding brushstrokes…

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 16.10.47