Week 3, The Student Hotel.

After a lovely 2 weeks at home for christmas I returned back to work the week of January. I was super busy this week! Day 1 I proposed my coffee coupon designs to one of the managers, It was nice to receive some feeback. A few changes needed to be made but nothing major. Then I needed to move on to design the bar of soap that accompanied the shampoo bottles. It was important I keep within the style of the company, always using their font and colour scheme. On tuesday we have a weekly marketing meeting to keep each other up to date with projects we are individually working on. Also this day I had a meeting regarding the new plans for the website we are building. I was shown a presentation proposing designs from the outside designers we are closely working with. As an intern, I am so exciting to see all the plans for the hotel in 2015 come to life. As well as a new website, the company is also opening a new building providing meeting spaces for companies. This means I am hopefully going to be able to help work on the branding of the company.

Design work I did this week was small projects such as the soap bar, a new order service form for students to fill out upon arrival, posters to countdown the ski party and posters to be hung around the complex during the party to direct people. All the posters I worked on I created using either Illustrator or photoshop, chris my manager was able to teach me all sorts of new techniques. I have really enjoyed my time at The Student Hotel so far, I feel like I’ve learnt so much in such a small amount of time!

Week 2 at The Student Hotel.

After an exciting first week starting my new job I was so excited to go to work Monday morning. On monday I travelled to The Student hotel located in The Hague. It was really nice to see another part of The Neverland’s and also to see a different hotel destination. Me and my work colleague George travelled around The Hague all day promoting The Student Hotel to different universities around the area with newly designed posters. I was very impressed with Dutch universities the complexes were huge!
Tuesday I was back in the office finishing my coffee coupon designs. Chris my manager was able to teach me many new skills using adobe illustrator whilst doing so. He taught me how to work properly using layers and text composition techniques. In the evening The Student Hotel christmas party was held in one of the new locations, we got a tour of the new build, 3 course meal and lots of champagne!
Wednesday morning I started to design complimentary soap bar packaging to accompany the shampoo and conditioner bottles in each bathroom of the hotels. It was important I used the same theme. After lunch we all traveled to the new build to give tours to guests we had invited along to introduce the new hotel. This was a great networking opportunity for me!
This was the end of my week at week, as Thursday morning I flew back to England to spend christmas with Family and Friends.
Happy Christmas all!





Thinking and practise, Illustrator layers.

creating a layered document.

-File- new

-change profile to basic RGB then change size to 960 by 40 then change units to pixels

– instead of import ‘place’

– Find photo you want to work with.

-click window then transparancy change this to multiply

-lock layer

-create new layer then use pen tool

-switch fill off and change outline to red and change stroke to 5pt

-draw around stars

-use selection tool to select both stars then click of stroke editing tool and change corners to a curve

-duplicate layer 2 change name to outline and change colour to black then lock layer.

-change other layer to star, change stroke to none then fill to red.

– turn path off.

-make sure outline and star is after original layer.

-Follow the steps for each part of the drawing.

-to make shadow transparent change it to multiply.

-bring final layer to the top and create a path using pen tool. turn off fill path to black and to front, change stroke to 5pt then draw around the whole picture to create a frame. Then place below the stars. Corners to round.

-make sure you lock layers when you finish them.


– turn off scan layer to refine image.

-file save as to desktop!