Starting my new internship at The Student Hotel…

Last Wednesday morning (10th December) I was extremely excited to start my new placement. I got to work around 9:30am. Windswept and shivering from riding my bike I entered the doors of The Student Hotel thinking to myself this is the start of the next chapter of my life.
I received an extremely warm welcome from all the team in the office and went through my contract signing the next 5 months of my life away. My first task was given to me that afternoon, I was asked to research shampoo and conditioner bottles as I was going to be designing them. They were needed to be put in every hotel room so it was important I made the correct colour scheme and composition of text. I continued to work on this project for the rest of the week in between other tasks. I made sure I was constantly discussing ideas with my manager and asking for feedback.

Other tasks I worked on this week was making Id cards for the staff in photoshop, brainstormed ideas for the Ski party hosted at the hotel in january and also designing coffee coupons to be given out to encourage people to use the onsite restaurant ‘The Kitchen’. I also had a meeting with my manager to discuss up and coming projects in the new year! I really felt welcome and apart of the team by Friday, Im so happy to be given this opportunity.





One thought on “Starting my new internship at The Student Hotel…

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