Mexx, week 20.

I can’t believe I’ve been at Mexx for 5 months, it seems like 5 minutes!
Last week I was very busy with all sorts of different tasks. I attended a few different meetings throughout the week. First a line meeting which went over sales figures, it was interesting to see what sells and what doesn’t. Esther the head designer kindly arranged a meeting with me to go over the themes for spring summer 2016. From this she asked me to help help her with some further research. I’m excited to start working with these these themes, I like them a lot!
As I have now been at Mexx for 5 months I had a meeting with the head of the floor for a quick catch up as to how I’m getting on.
Also this week I helped designers sketch clothes in illustrator. I’m confident doing this now and because designers can see this they gave me more creative freedom. I know I only got to design the pockets of a pant style but I was pleased they trusted me to do so!


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