The Student Hotel: Behance portfolio review.

Yesterday (8th November 2014) I attended an event at The student hotel in Amsterdam names the Behance portfolio review. This was a chance for designers to meet other creative talents, exchange contacts and find job opportunities. At the review you could share your work and experiences among creatives with the help of experts and the presence of important companies. I found this event extremely helpful, it got me thinking about how I need to be presenting myself through networking sights to benefit my future and projects.
I met so many interesting people and received so much good advice. I found speaking to other creatives studying Graphic design like myself but within different countries extremely interesting. It made me realise that where you come from doesn’t necessarily matter, obviously it will have some sort of input to your work but designers are all unique.

The best advice and questions I took away from this event was…
“What makes you special? find a way to define yourself?”
“Do what you do best and concentrate on that.”
“Always be productive”
“Show people what you can do, so they approach you to do that for them.”

My favourite words of advice…
“Don’t think to much, just do!!!!”

Im going to keep my eyes peeled for future events similar to this as it was inspiring, motivating and supportive.



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