Amsterdam Noord, NDSM-Werf Graffiti and Art.











Recently I took a trip over to the Noord of Amsterdam via ferry in the direction of NDSM-Werf. From speaking to my Dutch friends I was told this is a must see creative hotspot! They were not lying.

Until the 1980s there was a shipyard here.  Today the warehouses are a breeding ground for cultural entrepreneurs – like music channel MTV. I didnt actually go inside of these buidings but I had a walk around and got as close as the front doors. What brought me to the Noord however was its repuation for its amazing Graffti. Some of the art was amazing, so bright and vibrant! As I was walking around taking photographs I noticed an artist at work so I walked over and introduced myself.
We got talking about his work and the history of Noord and various other subjects, he was such an interesting character. He was telling me how its not exactly legal to spray paint the walls but the police turn a blind eye. I asked “Can anyone come and create art work here?” and he told me how “Anyone can but you would only spray over work that you think you can create better. Amazing artwork will stay on the walls for longer periods of time out of respect from other artists.”

I stood and talked with him for ages and I never even asked his name, oops!


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