Spuistrast squat houses and art in Amsterdam.









Today I went exploring in Amsterdam to find some street art and learn more about its history.

History of squatting in Amsterdam
“Squatting in the Netherlands became big in the 80s, when a serious lack of housing caused young people to move into abandoned buildings.
Squatting in Holland soon turned into a political ‘movement’.
This Amsterdam squatters movement (‘Amsterdamse krakersbeweging’) turned militant and clashes between the squatters and the riot police became a regular sight. The squatters war ended in the 90s, when the Dutch government legalised squatting in 1994.
The new law stated that people are entitled to live in buildings if they had been empty for at least one year. The owner of the building could evict the squatters only in court and by good reason.
For almost 15 years the squatters movement in Amsterdam flourished, setting up artist workplaces, stages for performing artists and organising alternative events.”

As squatting is such a big part of history in Amsterdam I wanted to visit some of the famous squat houses. The art painted on the outside of the buildings is amazing. As you can see in my photographs the colours are so vibrant and bold. I really admire what they have done with the buildings, making it into a visible issue to the rest of the country opens up the eyes of the public to the cities history.


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