Mexx, week 16.




I had such a busy week at work this week, it’s been great fun! The head designer of kids clothing asked me to design booklets for all kids clothing ranges for summer and fall 2015. The booklets were basically just a overview of each month (inspiration, colour cards, brief outline of design motives). I needed to design a booklet for all boys and girls fall and summer collections for each month within the season. This meant I had 24 booklets to design!!! To design the booklets I used indesign. I keep the same layout for each month and changed the information and images to the appropriate month. I’m very familiar with this programme as I designed a lot of magazine layouts using this last year at university. I really enjoyed making the booklets and I’m excited for them to be printed and handed out.

Also this week a man from social media heard I could draw and asked me to illustrate Mexx carrier bags. The bags are going to be used on social media sights. He have me complete design freedom so I could draw whatever I liked. This is an example of one of the bags. I used Halloween as a theme as it’s coming up very soon. I thought this would be fun to post on our social media pages.


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