Ellen Vesters gives 10 tips on how to fail and still become a happy and successful entrepeneur


I watched this lecture from Ellen Vesters that she did at a creative mornings. She is Choosing a successful entrepreneur. Besides her illustration work, she runs her own (web)shop Urlaub, a graphic design concept store. She is part of the creative collective Totem, organizes creative workshops creative workshops and gives business bootcamps for creative entrepreneurs.

I found this talk very useful as people always talk about the highlights of their carrier but never their failures. Working in the world of deign its never going to be easy which is why i can take some really good advice from Ellen. Highlighting her own mistakes has made me realise its okay to fail as long as you learn from them!

Choosing a creative carrier path is a risking business, what if no one likes your work? This is always a constant worry most designers will have in the back of their mind. Listening to Ellen talking about how she got to where she is today has taught me, you just got to keep trying and pushing your work forward. A quote from the video i really like is “fake it until you make it”.


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