Today I met with the Graphic designer Naomi den Besten for coffee!

Naomi  is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam who runs her own graphic design company called “Pretty unexpected”. She specialises in branding, print and web design services for small businesses and solopreneurs. I came across her work whilst browsing the web for inspiration for my graphic design work.
After looking through her work and reading about her and her passion for design, I was really inspired by the way she brands herself and her clean, to-the-point style of work. When i seen she was based in Amsterdam, I thought i might as well drop her a email and see what become of it.
I was really over whelmed with the response i got, she liked my work and asked if i wanted to meet for coffee! She also mentioned one day maybe working together on a project, eeeekkkkkk how exciting!!!!
So today i took a trip to her apartment in the centre of Amsterdam. Over coffee we talked about graphic design and i asked her many questions regarding her work and business. She was a lovely lady and gave me so much help regarding my future and my work. Studying graphic design right now I’m a little confused into the carrier path i want to undertake but after talking to Naomi she made me realise that time is not an issue. I have plenty of time to decide and like her it could may well take until I’m 29.
She gave me a tour of her work space and showed me examples of some of the briefs she’s currently working on. I really love her simplistic approach to graphic design. She uses minimal colour and simple compositions of text and images. Her style is consistent throughout all her projects which i think is one of the best aspects of her work.
Today showed me that in the world of design if you don’t promote yourself and connect with people you will not make it far. Naomi mentioned so many people she said she would be happy to introduce me to and said if i ever need any help or advice to drop her an email. At this early stage of my carrier as a graphic designer this will be extremely helpful, i couldn’t be more grateful!

You can look at her work and contact her via her website…



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