Mexx, week 9

At the start of the week I attended a meeting whereby all the youth design team sat and discussed all the designs for the winter collection so far. This was useful for me because it gave me a clearer idea of the techniques and styles of graphics that are favored over others. This knowledge will help me when trying to brainstorm ideas for my next design task. As we are currently designing winter 2015’s collection as you can imagine many coats will be in this range. With the coats this year there’s going to be a little freebie attached to the front pocket. I’m not allowed to share what it will be this year just yet! I was given the task of designing the tag that will accompany the freebie. I started off the design process by research. I needed to think of some text that would add a little humor. After finalizing text I then went on to designing the layout and artwork etc. What it was important to include within the design was all the safety warnings as it will be for children. I proposed many different design options that I printed and presented to the head designers. After feedback and final tweaks they were pleased with my work! This task occupied most of the week. At the end of the week I was asked to do some tecniqiual drawing of garments for the baby collection. I’d never drawn up clothes before in illustrator but after playing around with the pen tool for a while I started to get the hang of it.



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