Mexx, week 7






At the start of the week I did a lot of researching browsing the web for appropriate words or phrases to use of mini boys t-shirts. To do this is looked at existing t-shirts on the market on websites such as Next, Zara and H&M. But I was also looking on websites such a Pinterest. Then I moved on to design photo prints for t-shirts for the mini boy’s winter collection for 2015. I followed the season’s themes carefully to make sure they were suitable. Before starting to design I spent a long time collecting images of the web. Then working in Illustrator and Photoshop I started to create artworks. At the end of the week I done some work for the product management department they wanted me to edit images of garments in Photoshop to suitable colours. As I wasn’t 100% sure of the correct technique to use, I asked one of the head graphic designers for guidance. She was very helpful and I learnt a lot of new skills and tools I’ve never worked with before. As I am now working in Illustrator and Photoshop on a daily basis I am becoming more and more confident.


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