Mexx, week 6.

As fall 2015 designs are in the process of being finalized, winter 2015 at Mexx started this week!! At the start of the week I was given a brief introduction to the theme and then I was let loose to search the web looking for inspiring techniques, graphics, materials, basically anything I thought would be appropriate to inspire the winters 2015 collection. As a graphic design team to further inspire us mid-week we thought it would be a good idea to do some primary research and actually go to the high street and look at what competing brands on the market are doing.

We went to so many different shops such as pull and bear, H&M and River Island. As well as brands in a higher price bracket such as All Saints and Tommy Hilfiger. Looking at current men’s and woman’s fashion I took photographs of any shapes, graphics, materials, cuts and techniques I found interesting and that I think are key to this Winters fashion trends.

What I noticed about the general style of clothing from store to store is that all the brands are following the same trends. There wasn’t a particular brand doing anything different. Graphic Tee’s this winter very much endure basic white or black text. The text used across all the brands is very basic and simplistic. They read a lot of quotes I have come across on Pinterest. Also what was commonly used with text is the concept of “#” from Twitter. The photo prints used among brands were very urban made with a silicon print. A lot of brands were using a layering effect of text placed over images or sketches in fact. The key trend this winter for both men and woman I would say from my research was the combination of text with a monotone colour scheme.
Asymmetric cuts and hidden clasps were common among brands on coats and jackets. When doing some online research this is a style high end fashion brands such as Stella McCartney showcased at Paris Fashion Week.


The pin stripe was also used a lot! When doing some online research I read “Scottish cage risks becoming fashionable hit next season. Luxury coat-capes, stylish pants and elegant jackets – all get royal elegance. These fashion trends are clearly seen in shows Moschino Cheap & Chic, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Blugirl, Mulberry, Celine.” I saw H&M use this print in one of their coats.
There was endless knitwear in high-street shop as a jumper is key to your winter wardrobe! The flock print technique was used a lot for text on top of jumpers. Chunky knits were very common with embellishment. Embellishment is one of winter 2014’s key trends. When researching winter 2014 trends online the main trends this winter are…

Plaid pattern

Digital prints

Folk fashion


Psychedelic prints
My favorite trend that this season I would have to say is Psychedelic prints, some of the patterns on the high street at the moment are so pretty with their in-depth detailing and eye catching colour palette.

Other tasks during this week at Mexx was updating sourcing lists matching artwork codes to style codes. I also looked at the Pantone colour swatch books picking colours for the winter research.

These are some of the photos I took whilst doing my primary research…









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