Mexx, week 5.

At the start of the week I finalised the designs I did for embellishing girls t-shirts. Once the designs had been approved i needed to format them in a illustrator file the correct way for the to be sent off to make samples. The way the graphic design team works is by having each part of the artwork on different layers so that people reading the file understand what colour and material is meant to be used.

I then started to work on designs for the studded embellishment for a girls waistcoat. I designed a range of different options therefore head designers had different options.

As this season is coming to the end of the design process, I had the job of printing off contact sheets for baby, mini and kids. These show all the artworks for each age range and month. These need to be printed for presentations and also to organise the artwork into folders.

At the end of the week I attended a very important meeting regrading the design concept of fall and winter fashion for 2015. This taught be the design direction and the vision that Mexx have for these seasons. I really like the direction they have chosen, I’m excited to start designing!! The meeting was lead by a very inspiring women. I admired her confidence and passion towards the brand. She made her vision of the brand very clear. One quote I took from the meeting ‘say something with your designs, it doesn’t matter what just fucking say something” this made me laugh but also made me realise I always need to be bold in my commitment to design!



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