Mexx, week 4.


During my 4th week at Mexx I helped a lot with the boys graphic design department, helping them tweak art work. This wasn’t particularly challenging but it refreshed my illustrator skills. From working with different departments it gave me a stronger understanding of the styles and techniques that Mexx like and don’t like. Ive noticed how they like to layer images ontop of one another editing the transparency and sometimes combining text. The words Mexx is used frequently though out all the graphic work, there never heavily branded but always clear of the company name.

I had some free time during the middle of the week as my floor was having a massive move around so I went exploring around the building to learn about other aspects of the company. I went to watch a photo shoot. It was nice to see the graphic design come to life on products and models.

Also this week I created a few of my own illustrations, I think its good sometimes to break away from the computer screen and do some traditional style artwork to keep creative juices flowing!!! Im finally starting to settle in at Mexx, I know feel like I understand the company a lot more and the way it works.



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