Mexx, week 3.

This week was a lot more enjoyable as I was given a lot more responsibility. At the start of week I learnt about the process of creating artworks, how they need to be created on illustrator and what codes mean. On illustrator each different colour of the artwork needs to be on a different layer so when they are sent off to create samples the vendor knows what material\colour to create the artwork.
Mid week I had PLM training which is the system mexx uses store everything. Suppliers can access this as well as mexx colleagues.
I did some work for the boys graphic design team, helping add changes to graphic labels and buttons. I got to input my ideas which I think they liked!
Once I had completed these tasks I started to research the 2015 winter theme gathering art work and images I thought would be appropriate. With these I created mood boards. Then referring back to the mood board I started to generate ideas. My favourite task this week was designed embellishment for a girls jumper. I love working with pattern!!




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