Mexx, week 2.

This week I was given a lot more responsibility as the intern I was replacing was unfortunately leaving after 12 months. I was very thank full for all the help Molly gave me when in my first week as she explained my main job role and taught be basically everything I needed to know.

This week I mainly spent designing leather trims for boys and girls jeans. Personally I prefer designing for kids girls because it allows me to look at pattern. The boys trims need to be more bold and masculine. Designing jeans trims I was working in illustrator, playing around with text and composition. This task made me revisit all the skills I learnt during my second year of university when we looked at typography. Also this week I learnt how to organise all the artwork that is created in the graphic design department. All the artworks have individual codes which need to be in put into the database to say if it has be approved by the head designers. Then with the same designs they get organised into folders. This wasn’t exactly the most creative task but somebody needs to do it!
My favourite part of the week was creating massive mood boards full of inspirational techniques styles and patterns for the girls winter fall collection for 2015. I spent a long time browsing the internet for images I feel would be suitable for this collection. I was given a set of words as a starter point and then it was down to my judgement to decide what works and what doesn’t.
From the mood board I created I started to experiment in illustrator creating graphics inspired by the images. This was fun as it allowed me to express myself as a graphic designer.


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