My first week at Mexx.

Arriving in Amsterdam on Friday 5th July, I was extremely excited to start my new adventure in Amsterdam. Giving myself the weekend to settle into my apartment and get to know the city, I knew the next 12 months of my life was going to be amazing!
The city itself was so overwhelming with beautiful culture and architecture, I felt like I was in a crazy dream not wanting to wake up.
My first week at Mexx put my mind at ease because I knew I had made the right decision to spend my placement abroad. The Mexx building itself is so pretty, with coffee machines on every floor I was in my element! I spent my getting to know everyone, the company and programmes I would be using. As I am apart of the graphic design team for girls youth, I will be working in adobe illustrator which is good because I have a lot of experience in this. I completed a tasks such as researching trends, designing logos and trims for shirts and jeans. Also I organised colour swatches. In my first week I didn’t exactly learn any new skills apart from working with a graphics tablet. I did however put to practise skills I had learnt in my first two years of university such as typography, layout and composition skills.
I really enjoyed my first week over all, is it strange I am now looking forward to an early start Monday morning???



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