ICE guest lecture, Elmwood.

Today I attended a lecture from the ‘Branding yourself’ series. This week Jonathan Sands (creative director of Elmwood) come to the university to talk to us about putting yourself out there to advance your career and create networks. I admired Jonathan’s enthusiasm towards his job and the hard work and dedication he has put into it to get where he is today. His inspiring attitude and success shows how his advice would actually work if I put it to the test!

One things he stressed was how we have got to stand out! There are a million other up and coming designers that want exactly the same job as you. What are you going to do to make yourself stand out?

When applying for jobs he advised how 50% should be based upon your portfolio and the other YOURSELF! Companies what to see what type of person you are, you have got to get across your personality when applying for any position.

The Elmwood logo includes this word ‘WIBSCAT’ at first I had no idea what this meant but at the end of the lecture Jonathan let up into a little secret of his. ‘Wibscat’ is a theory that he has come up with that has proven to win him many clients over the years. It stands for… WOW, Insight, Simplicity, Charm, Authority and Trust. There must be some method in his madness as Elmwood is the top branding agency in the UK.



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