Thinking and practise, Self-Publishing.

If you want to print booklets you need to find a printer with a digital press.

First I laid out 4 images in a In-design document. Today we looked a how to actually tell the printer how to print your document rather than the design of it.


If we had to print this document the printer would have to create separations. If we can give the printer our own separations thats less work the printer has to do. You can export these separations as single files.



Next I added text on a new layer.


Then I added a new colour swatch that was 25% of each colour.

As a designer it is not always our role to create the most beautiful looking document but it is sometimes are responsibility also to create the most cost effective! 

Then I looked at spot colours. What is a spot colour? A ready mixed colour. If we want to print spot colours we should put it on another layer.


Then I looked at spot UV varnishes. I created a new layer. Everything you want as a varnish you create another new swatch and call it varnish. There is no colour for varnish because its clear as long as its a spot colour. I added another text box on the varnish layer and made sure I coloured the text with varnish swatch. I could see in my separation preview box the varnish option.

What if its not text thats wants a varnish layer? All I need to do is put a box over the top of the image on the varnish layer which as a fill of the varnish stroke.

Registration. Never choose this instead of black. its only good for crop marks. This is bad because it prints every single colour.


One final thing the printer might want you to do is some instructions. I created another new layer calling it instructions. Taking out print layer so the printer ignores it. Image We can do whatever we want on this and the printer will not print it.


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