Workshop week, Drawing.

Today I attended a drawing workshop. Coming from a fine art background I love to draw, this work shop aloud me to get away from a computer screen and be free and expressive!
In the morning we worked under time constraints. Drawing my watch within small time slots taught me that time does affect your work. When I knew I only had a small space of time I rushed my drawings therefore the outcome was quite messy but it did create some interesting lines. With a large space of time, I paid a lot more attention to detail. Although some people preferred the neater detailed work, I really admired the expressiveness and freedom of the shorter drawings. After a break we looked at continuous line drawing. I enjoyed this as it created fun playful drawings. After lunch we drawn on the massive windows in the design studio. Using white liquid pens we stood and drawn the outline of the landscape in front of us. This put all the skills we looked at in the morning to good use! This exercise created some beautiful drawings that people either side of the window can enjoy.







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