Branding brief, Packaging final design.

This is the final design for my perfume ‘Madam Ori’. I went with an extremely feminine aesthetic for it to appeal the same target audience as the melon liqueur Midori. I like the softness of the colours, it gives the packaging a sense of Midoris Japanese heritage. The shape of the Japanese blossom tree has been used to mimic the shape of a cocktail glass, this adds to the sophistication of the brand and also keeps within the Midoris theme.

The typeface I have used has been selected as it has a ethnic aesthetic to it. The curvy letter forms match the shape of the blossom. I have also tried to encorparate the Midoris signature colour green, therefore people will make the connection between the liqueur and the perfume.

I am happy with the design of my packaging, I now need to get it printed onto a unique textured paper I have talked about using. I am going to use textured paper as Midori uses a textured glass. This will help make my packaging stand out against the other brands on the market.

packagingfinal design


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