Branding Brief, The net of my packaging.

To mimic the brands identity I am going to use a elongated rectangular net for my packaging. The brand Midoris says the bottle is “elongated for a more sophisticated appearance which will make it easier to hold and look more eye-catching to consumers.” With this in mind I feel a long rectangular box would only be appropriate.

If I was to be designing the bottle as well I would also use the elongated shape Midori uses as I agree with the brand when they say it creates a sophisticated look. When designing the packaging for my perfume its important I keep the brands image and look in mind. This is why I am sticking with the same shape the brand already uses.

Also the brand sells itself on being a low calorie drink which is one of the reasons why it appear to women so much. Woman are obsessed with being thin!  Using a slender thin tall shape for the packaging  I think will portray and embed the idea of being thin to consumers as they will associate the slenderness with being skinny.



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