Design practise in context 2, White noise- Media power & Mass communication.

We started to discuss our eldest and favourite childhood TV programme, the first game or toy we received from a TV programme, the first programme that made me cry, what I sat down and watched with my family, what I was aloud to stay up late and watch and the age I first got a TV in my room.

The last few weeks we have looked at leisure and play and ourselves as graphic designers. Now we are coming to the end of the lecture series we are focussing on how technology still manipulates us and controls us. The media first started by the Radio by the BBC. The power of radio was huge, nobody had a TV at this point. Unlike us today people were unaware of the power of the radio, today we are very much media savvy. Back then people believed everything they would hear on the radio even the invasion of aliens!!!!

When TV were first invented they was extremely expensive. After a Mickey Mouse cartoon screening in 1939 the war started therefore TV stopped. People were told it was for defence reasons. The radio agin took over the media.

TV is currently the biggest form of media. More and more people are stating in and watching TV each year instead of going out.


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