Branding brief, Japanese pattern and colour.


This is a japanese floral inspired print designed by Kate Spade for her clothing line. This pattern caught my eye in particular as the shape reminds me of melon!


I absolutely love Japanese cherry blossom. When I see cherry blossom I automatically associate it with Japan. The soft colours are feminine and pretty. This is a pattern I could look at using when designing my packaging. Hanami is the Japanese traditional festival of savoring the beauty of flowers especially the cherry blossom. It originates from the Japanese words ‘hana’ which means flower and ‘mi’ which means seeing. People across the country flock to the gardens to view the beautiful pink attractions.


The patterns that adorn kimono are very significant, for it is through choice of colour and, most importantly, decorative motifs that the wearer’s gender, age, status, wealth, and taste are articulated. Colours too have strong metaphorical and cultural connotations. Dyes are seen to embody the spirit of the plants from which they are extracted. Purple, for example, is a metaphor for undying love, the imagery deriving from the fact that gromwell (murasaki), the plant used to create the dye, has very long roots. Perhaps the most popular colour for kimono is red, derived from safflower (benibana). Red connotes youthful glamour and allure, and is thus suitable for the garments of young women. It is also a symbol of passionate but, as beni-red easily fades, transient love.

What does the signature colour green mean in Japan?

  • eternal life
  • youthfulness
  • freshness

As green has these meanings in Japan I think it would be very appropriate to include the signature colour not only because people recognise the brand through its distinct colour but also because it has connotations of freshness and youthfulness. Woman are always looking for new effective ways to look younger, why? I don’t know but if I can add this twist to brand it will make the perfume more appealing to the target audience. At the age of 21 expecially this is when woman start to become conscious of growing old as there care free teenage days are over.


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