Branding brief, The face of Midori.

From 2011 to early 2013, Kim Kardashian endorsed Midori. “My new favorite color? Green, of course!” Kardashian, 30, tells PEOPLE of the new endorsement deal. “I’m so excited to be the face of Midori Melon Liqueur’s new campaign.”

As Midori’s target audience is 21-25 year old women working with someone like Kim Kardashian, who has a tremendous audience with this target, has been a strong strategic move for Midori. xShe brings awareness to the brand through her posts and tweets about the brand.


Why Kim?

I feel Kim is the perfect celebrity to promote the brand as she is renown for being sexy, young and outgoing! These are all key attributes I think a Midori lover would have! She’s extremely feminine with her womanly curves, woman admire and want to be her! If she’s seen in the media drinking Midori this will give the brand a sophisticated image. Woman will probably order Midori next time their stood at a bar dressed in their cocktail dresses in hope they look like Kim!



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