Branding brief, texture.

The bottle of my chosen brand has a very distinct texture.





I really like the unique texture of the bottle as it creates more attention to the brand. I researched the as to why this texture in particular is used…

Midori, the melon flavoured liqueur, has launched a brand new design, creating a slender bottle and a revised label.

The new frosted bottle keeps Midori’s original mottled, textured mid section but is elongated for a more sophisticated appearance which will make it easier to hold and look more eye-catching to consumers.

The new Midori bottle also moves away from the original circular label and sports new typography and a modern ‘M’ logo.

This brand new design marks another big step in Midori’s future strategy, including a revised recipe that has a lower sugar content – keeping the brand in-line with the current trend for reformulating to cater to a modern trend in reduced calorie drinks.

Speaking about the new design, Catherine Meardon, Midori’s European Brand Manager, said: “The bottle redesign is a natural part of the brand’s evolution.”

The texture of my packaging is something I need to experiment with as texture is something Midori is known and recognised by.


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