Branding brief, Midori.

The alcohol brand I have selected to develop into a perfume is Midori. the first thing that drawn my attention to this brand is its bright green colour that represents it. Working in a bar myself the bright vibrant green made this alcohol brand stand out the most. Its bright green as its a melon liqueur born in japan and sold to an international market. Midoris Japanese heritage is central to its story. The key to Midoris distinctive sweet and refreshing taste is the combination of japans premium Yubari and muck melons.

its look is unique and has a quirky nature. Its colourful and gives cocktails an individual twist. This is why Midori is perfect for my style of design. I love working with colour and print! Midori’s point of sales and promotional items all endure a beautiful floral Japanese print that really helps represent the brand.

Midori creates an elegant, fun and sophisticated feel to their liquor by the way they associate themselves with cocktails. They promote themselves as unique, from its Japanesse heritage it sets its self aside from any other liqueur on the market.

To develop this brand into a perfume I am going to play on the vibrant colours, Japanese heritage and summer feel this melon liquor endures. The vibrant green I think is essential to the brands image and also the sense of sophistication.



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