Thinking and Practise, Printing.

As we have just received a packaging brief, today we looked at different printing techniques, papers and processes. This session was mainly to give us a greater understanding of the possibilities and limitations of our own packaging. We looked at printer limitations so we have a clear underling of whats available to us. Theres no point spending ours on designs that are not even possible to produce.

As I studied product design at A-level I have a clear understanding of printing and a range of materials and processes. Perfume packaging is most likely to be made using a process called Flexographgy as its a fairly cheap and fast process. “Flexography is a process used in the printing of packing materials (cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard, paper bags and plastic bags, food packaging, newspapers, catalogues, etc.) This method of printing continues to grow in popularity due to its low cost and environmentally friendly nature. The most important part of the printing process is the application of the ink.”

From here I started to look at nets. “A packaging net or development net is a 2D shape that can be folded into a 3D object. i.e. if you were to fold a box down into its flat shape, that shape would be the box net.” As when designing my packaging I will need to design around a net shape for it to be printed on my desired material.



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