Thinking and practise, Objects and Splines workshop.

In todays thinking and practise workshop we looked at creating objects and splines. To do this firstly I created a cube by clicking on the cube icon. With the orange dots that appear when hoovering over the shape you can edit the size of the cube. To change back to default settings you can simply right click the arrows.


Then I clicked display then gouraud shading (lines) which showed on the cube. This shows the polygons inside the shape now if we had any set.


To add rounded corners I went object selection and select fillet. One thing I learnt today was If you render it without the curve the cube will have very sharp edges.

Next I looked at splines.


I created a circle at the correct properties then created a rectangle around it. Then I used the text object tool to insert text. I then freehanded splines by going to the top view port and clicking on the top right. (Select Bezier>click and drag.)

These are simplistic instructions I will use in future..

Go to the “Spline” tools at the top, and choose the spline tool you want to use, for example, the “Freehand” tool or the “Bezier” tool. Use the tool to draw the shape you want in the view

Go to the “Nurbs” tools at the top, and choose “Extrude Nurbs.” In the “Objects” panel on the upper right, drag the spline shape you drew under the extrude nurb.

Go to the “Attributes” panel on the lower right, and click on the “Object” tab. Adjust the x,y,z “Movement” numbers until you like the size of the extrusion. Save your work.


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