Data visualisation final outcome, Stop Motion.

After standing for 12 hours plotting my data with wire taking a picture each time I opened the photographs in a new composition to make a stop motion animation in After Affects. Im not going to lie I did have great difficulty doing this as this is my first ever attempt at stop motion animation. However with guidance from my tutor and a lot of determination, I created this.
Im extremely happy with the outcome of this data visualisation project, I think I have effectively used my collected data to form a interesting piece of graphic language. The animation meets all the criteria I set when I wrote my own brief.
To create the animation I firstly opened up after affects and started a new composition. Then I imported all my photographs in a Jpeg sequence. The only problem with doing this is when I had deleted photographs during the photography stage because of mistakes, After effects picked up on these as missing photos in the sequence. Therefore when I played the animation at this stage black pages would appear in my timeline. To get rid of these I had to search through the animation and delete frames. Also because the photographs are such large file sizes, I had to compress the size so the computer was able to play to animation.
I have learnt so much during this project as I stepped out of my comfort zone as a practitioner attempting to create stop motion animation. With the skills I have learnt I will hopefully be able to imterpert another set brief in the form of a stop motion.


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