Thinking and practise, Design Consideration.

The previous exercise I have blogged about was in response to talk based on design considerations. Projects that contain information should require a order of importance to any given information. When designing lets say a Adshel poster an understanding of subject knowledge is vital to plan a design. You must consider primary information, secondary information, composition, typography, graphic devices and illustrations, colour and finally added value-product enhancement (finishing). If all these factors have been deeply considered, the intention of your design will most likely be successful.

Max Huber, Wilm Crouwel, Josef Muller-Brockmann, Saul Bass, karel Matens and Milton Glaser are all very successful graphic designers. But what made these designers so successful? Probably because with each project or design problem they solved they probably looked at each of this considerations in great detail.


This is a worldwide graphic image designed by Milton Glaser. The majority of people in the world will recognise this image. I think its because of the attention to composition, type and colour thats made it so successful. The bold use of black and red attracts attention. Colour studies show how red is a stimulating colour to the eye. The letters are perfectly alined and spaced. The typeface used has probably been experimented with a million times until Milton Glaser decided on this final one.


“Saul Bass was a graphic designer. His designs, particularly his early work in the 1950s and 1960s, revolutionized film posters, movie title sequences, and the way movies were marketed. His designs were iconic, clean, and simple. Bass used typography and concept to convey moods rather than the previously tried-and-true method of film stills and paintings of film stills.”
What I admire about Saul bass is how he goes that one step further when considering his designs. Not only has he designed the poster he has designed his own typeface to suit the film.

After studying the work of the famous graphic designers I have mentioned Its shown me how important it is the consider all aspects of design to produce successful design! When Im next designing I’m going to try and tick off a little check list in my head during the process. Have I used type effectively? Is the composition working? Is the use of colour appropriate?


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