Professional practise, YCN competition brief.

This term we have been asked to complete one of the briefs from YCN or D&AD. After studying the written briefs I decided to go ahead with the Cath Kidston brief. This brief has asked to “design a new pint for Cath Kidston”. I chosen this brief in particular as I have a passion for print and vintage fashion. I love to design and wear prints, most days I look like a walking collage!

This is the brief….

If you wanted to buy an ironing board cover in the early 1990s you had limited options. One: utilitarian grey. Two: ‘comedy’ – think a man in his underwear. Cath Kidston realised there must be a way to update something traditional with a modern, unexpected new look, and cheer up a dull chore in the process. Having recently opened a shop selling vintage fabrics, bits and pieces collected from flea markets, and car boot sales, and old furniture repainted in bright colours inspired by the interiors of her childhood home, it was inevitable that Cath would start designing her own prints and products. A floral print ironing board cover was one of the first Cath Kidston products and it caught the attention of customers and press alike, helping to establish the brand.
20 years on we’re still cheering up the everyday with our fresh, witty take on design. We’re known for our original, practical products and cheerful, colourful prints which have a hint of nostalgia but are always fit for modern life.
We are The Home of Modern Vintage, and now have more than 130 stores worldwide.

Our brand is…
Approachable and inclusive
Warm and friendly
Cheerful and fun
Confident and quirky
Imaginative and unique
Modern and relevant
Comforting and homely
Straightforward and real
Our prints are…
Contemporary classic but not retro repro
Reinventing our favourites but not copying our past
Coloured using a bold and distinctive palette
Used in a fresh, surprising and modern way
… and based on our…
British sense of humour and cheekiness
English heritage
… but not…
Too pretty, too sweet, too soft or too twee
Too cluttered, too fussy or too busy
Our Target Customer is…
Female, 29 years old, has just moved in to her first proper home of her own, has a job she really enjoys, has a close group of friends and a family she values, she doesn’t have children yet… but she’s got plenty of friends who have.
She’d describe herself as…
Fun, witty, interested, creative, optimistic and independent.
Her style is…
Stylist… but not trendy
Individual… but not showy
Feminine… but not cute
Well put together… but not overly groomed
Fashion conscious… but not slavishly so
She likes…
Making stuff… be it food for friends or cushions for her new sofa
Going out… but she usually remembers how she got home these days
Festivals, car boots and vintage shopping
Going to an exhibition… followed by a bit of reality TV
The idea of country life… but not just yet
She is a modern British woman.

The Creative Challenge
Design one new conversational print taking into account our brand values and print style. Examples of conversational prints within our range would include Cowboy, Garden Birds, Guards of London – these are prints with a recognisable picture within them. Classic Cath Kidston floral, spots or stripes would not be described as a conversational print.
The print should be designed to be used across three of our product categories; Women’s Fashion, Women’s Accessories and Home. We are looking for an original theme and a fresh new take on our unique visual style. Your print can take any visual direction you wish, as long as you believe it to be in tune with our brand.
A selection of entries will be exhibited at our new London flagship store at 180 Piccadilly (opening December 2013) during April 2014. All commended entries will be considered for a 12 month internship within our Print Design team.

Creative Requirements
Please submit the print in both repeat tile and stepped out versions, and create three different colourways. You should use a maximum of 12 colours.

Additional Information
For more information and to view our entire product range visit
Deliverables, Artwork and Additional Information
For guidance on how to submit your work, please adhere to the main deliverables information which can be found here.

Any additional supporting information referenced in the brief can be found in the supporting project pack.”

I cant wait to get started!


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