Design practise in context 2, Business lecture.

This business lecture was based on contracts. There are two sides which are the client side and the employee side. Each include duty of contract and duty of care. Its important that I understand how a contract works before I go into industry. It would be beneficial to me if i understand all the legal sides to a contract so I know where I stand.

 A company is a ‘person in law!’ The employee side includes employment legislation and the duty of care of this includes following: to look after a employee, mental and physical , safe working environment, procedures to resolve issues, clear job understanding.
Terminology thats important for me to understand… Sacked, dismissed, probation, released, redundant, resigned.
 Contracts are never perfect! If theres ever a problem within a contract these are some remedies I was taught for solving them:
 – talk through problems, understand the issues, develop a plan to correct it.
 – Seek remedy via correct legal processes, the law indicates what you must do, this is quite procedural!

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