Professional practise, Jaume Plensa.

Jaume Plensa (1955 in BarcelonaSpain) is a Catalan Spanish artist and sculptor.

‘ By combining conventional sculptural materials (glass, steel, bronze, aluminum) with more unconventional media (water, light, sound, video), and frequently incorporating text, Plensa creates hybrid works of intricate energy and psychology. From his delicately textured, intimate works on paper—like his 2005-06 series of ethnographic portraits that resemble worn, 19th century photographs—to monumental outdoor sculptures like Nomade (2007) and a range of cityscape-altering public projects like the Crown Fountain in Chicago (2000-05), Plensa’s work takes many forms. 

Plensa’s work is invested in evoking emotion and stimulating intellectual engagement. By posing conceptual dualities in his work (inside/outside, front/back, light/dark), Plensa seeks to connect with his viewers on an intuitive level. Often, the viewer participation, or the object/viewer relationship, is what completes Plensa’s work.”


I started to research Plensa as I like the way he as a typographer thinks out side of the box. Instead of working in 2D like the majority of typographers he explores sculpturing with a range of materials. As I come from a product design background I am very keen on the hands on approach to my projects and have a knowledge of different materials and processes.

With my data visualisation project instead of mapping my data on computer programs I am going to start experimenting with 3D work. I could work with materials such as MDF or acrylic plastic. I am going to experiment plotting my data with fuse wire. This is a flexible material thats available in a range of materials.  This material in particular will make a very interesting visual and hopefully convey my data successfully.


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