Design practise in context 2, Preparing for the real world!

During last term I started to attend a series of business lectures.

The main aim of these lectures was to prepare us as graphic designers for industry. The theme has been time and money management. I have found these lectures extremely useful as it’s made me look at all the considerations I will need to think about when undertaking a project. I always need to be aware of money, time, relationships, workload, the client and the audience.

The first thing I need to ask my self when receiving a new brief is, do I have the ability to do the job? But remember that I can always hire someone to take on my weaknesses. Never turn down a job!

Its important that that I understand the market and the technical side of the project. Some people are stronger at one than the other; I feel personally that I am much stronger at the social side as technology has never been my forte.

Its come to my attention during these lectures that confidence is the most important quality that a designer can have. If you’re confident within yourself and your work you will gain the trust of your client. A smiling face will go a long way J


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