Design practise on context 2, The brain that changes itself.

Today i looked at memory learning and neuroplasticity which was all about the physical structure of the brain. Also the ideas of cognition which how the brain physically changes in response to learning. The main thing  I learnt from exploring the brain today is the idea that you ‘use it or loose it’. Advancement in technology has found that as we learn the cognition of our brain changes, it evolves to our everyday experiences. Our brain is made up of neurones. Its not the amount of neurones in your brain that make you intelligent its the amount of connections! We are constantly learning how to learn, our ability to learn does not decline with age. Its because we have become some ridged in our daily routines when you ask the brain to follow a different structure it finds it difficult because its not used to it. This is why its harder to learn languages when your older and education is forever being encouraged.

Researcher Bach-Y-Rita has done many studies on the brain after his dad had a very serious stroke and lost all ability to speak etc. Through rehabilitation of the brain and intensive rewriting and training he managed to teach his dads brain to function again. This was a breakthrough in brain research. He did many other interesting experiments on the brain that I am going to have a look at. Id never really questioned how my brain works before but after this lecture I am rather intrigued and want to have a greater knowledge.  Its shown me how important our brain is to us and how powerful it is.

Other experiments of the brain I looked at was from Hubel and Weisel and Taubs.


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