Design practise in context 2, Contemporary icon books.

After studying classic approach to icon books I started to look at graphic designers who have published contemporary icon books. Stephen McCarthy tells the story of the English riots using pictograms. The entire story is told without words.


Otl Aicher howcases the visual identity of the Munich Olympics with iconic designs. “He pictogram system which was devised by Aicher and his team for the games was the perfect example of simplistic information design and has now become the universal standard.”



Not only did Aicher design a series of pictograms for each sporting event based on the1964 Tokyo game designs according to a very specific grid system, he designed (among pretty much everything else) posters, programmes, uniforms, the München 1972 logo and the first Olympic mascot, a rainbow-striped dachsund named Waldi. he pictograms for the sporting events proved so popular that they were adopted by the 1976 Montreal Olympics and continue to be used to varying extents by the Olympics.


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