Professional practise, Project proposal.

Project title: The modern day student.

“We know what we are, but not what we may be” once wrote William Shakespeare in Hamlet that inspired me as a practitioner to voice the identity of the modern day student. This is a project theme I have a detailed understanding of, as I am a student myself. I intend to inform and educate. My project will highlight the trending fashions, interests and qualities of students too students themselves, up and coming students and the general public. I feel the need to energise this theme to the public, as students are the future doctors, bus drivers, solicitors and teachers of tomorrow. These are the people that are vital to the community. I want my project to regain the trust of the elder generation who have a preconceived idea of students being “Yobs” Thugs” and “Chavs”. The data I collect will also be emphasized to encourage a younger generation of people to further their education as I hope it will project a prosperous image.

My final outcome will be informative, aesthetically pleasing and visually compelling. I would like to transcribe the data I collect in the form of an illustrated animation. This should be suitable to all age ranges and be suitable for any visual form of communication. The animation can take any form of educated approach, it may be humorous or strictly for educational purposes.

As I am a student myself I am at an advantage in accessing primary research. I will collect numerous responses to a constructed questionnaire to create a greater and well evaluated understanding of the modern day student. As well as collecting primary research I will also do a lot of secondary research on existing data and practitioners from animation in hope in will inspire and encourage my own ideas. With deep research I feel I will be able to create a innovative and contemporary animation that will fulfill my intentions.

The design process is very important, I will need to experiment with a selection of ideas testing out different approaches and methods of animation. Some major components of pre production are story boarding and layouts. I will have to create many possible illustrations using a range of materials such as paint, pencils and pen. Once an idea has been finalised I can then start to experiment with other things such as shot sequence and camera angles if I decide to put my illustrations in a 3D environment.

Through this project I intend to gain satisfaction and gratification with the thought of contributing to the community with an exploration of the modern day student.


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