Design practise in context 2, Rick Poyner expressive map.

Design practise in context 2, Rick Poyner expressive map.

This is the expressive map I have designed for theorist Rick Poyner. One of the main writings I have studied of his work is his manifesto written in 2000 “First things first manifesto”. This basically says that our design talents are being wasted on unnessary advertising. This why I have created a bin shape filled with advertising campaings for things we can most definitely live without. They are all modern campaigns from 2000 for companies such as McDonalds. Underneath I have included the quote “There are pursuits more worthy of our problem solving skills” which was said by Rick Poyner himself. I think this quote is applicable as it sums up the message I’m trying to portray in my expressive map. I have purposely used the font Helvetica as it is a typeface that Rick Poyner is renown for, he has done a lot of writings on the font. I have deliberately enlarge the word “worthy” as I want this to be the main visual focus point to embed the message in the audiences mind.


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