Design practise in context 2, Theorist selection.

After further search on my chosen two theorists I decided that I wanted to go back to stage 1 of this project and reselect two theorists. The two I had chosen to study in the first place, I didn’t really have much interest in and didn’t agree with their theories or ideas therefore I have started this project again. The two new theorists I have selected are Rick Poyner and Ken Garlands. These are both very renown highly respected writers in the graphic design industry. I am mainly interested in them as Ken was the writer behind “first things first manifesto” in 1964 and Rick Poyner was the man in charge of “first things first manifesto 2000”. They both believe graphic design talent is being waisted on unnessessary advertising. There ideas and theories behind graphic design are ones I respect and agree with myself.


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