Andrew Vande Moere, The beauty of data visualisation.

In his article Infosthetics: the beauty of data visualization Andrew Vande Moere, well-known through his blog Infosthetics, discusses the aesthetics of data visualization and modern apparoaches in this area. This is symbiosis between creative design and information visualisation  Form follows data and evolves in such unique graphs that you can call them art.

This is a piece of data visualisation that Andrew commends by Boris Müller. This is the newest ‘visual theme’ for a annual international German literature festival. 2006 the theme consisted of beautiful visualizations of the poetry texts themselves. Each word corresponded to a numerical code by adding the alphabetical values of its letters together. This number was mapped onto the position on a circle, and marked by a red dot. Gray lines connect the dots in the sequence the words appear in the poem. The diameter of the circle on which the dots are placed is decided by the length of the poem.


The Map of Science by W. Bradford Paley: “The image was constructed by sorting roughly 800,000 scientific papers (shown as white dots) into 776 different scientific paradigms (red circular nodes) based on how often the papers were cited together by authors of other papers…” Research & Node Layout: Kevin Boyack and Dick Klavans; Data: Thompson ISI; Graphics & Typography:W. Bradford Paley; Commissioned by Katy Börner.


It is not a surprise then, that the most successful infographics use creative design insights. they positively stimulate our senses, in terms of engagement, involvement, and imagination, they are also optimized for the specific task of conveying complex data-driven concepts in intuitive and easily comprehensible ways.”
This is a quote from the essay that I find useful within my own professional practise. I need to find a way of conveying my data in a legible way. 


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