A visualization of pi to connect Brooklyn high school students to their community.


“They’ve already made a histogram of emotions in their school’s hallway and a stacked area chart mural at a nearby senior center. Next up is a wall currently covered in graffiti.
In Math class, students will construct the golden spiral based on the Fibonacci Sequence and begin to explore the relationship between the golden ratio and Pi. The number Pi will be represented in a color-coded graph within the golden spiral. In this, the numbers will be seen as color blocks that vary in size proportionately within the shrinking space of the spiral, allowing us to visualize the shape of Pi and it’s negative space.

For the last 4 years, artist Ellie Balk and high school mathematics teacher Nathan Affield have been collaborating on data visualization projects with high school students from the Green School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1604383729/visualizing-pi-mural-with-high-school-math-student


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